More Proof That Nuts Are Part of a Healthy Diet

By Dr. Mercola Nuts and their many varieties are a wonderful commodity from nature, providing delicious versatility and crunchy nutrition to an amazing array of dishes. Not much was needed to increase their selling points, but try cracking these statistics: In a review of 29 published studies, scientists recently revealed that, in comparison with people who don’t eat many nuts, those who eat just 20 grams — as little as a handful a day — lower their risk of several serious conditions by astounding percentages: ✓ Coronary heart disease by 29 percent ✓ Cardiovascular disease by 21 percent✓ Cancer by 15 percent ✓ Respiratory disease by 52 percent✓ Diabetes by 39 percent✓ Infectious disease by 75 percent The amounts considered healthiest comprise an average of about two dozen almonds or 15 pecan halves per day; the studies added that there isn’t an increased benefit from eating more than that. In fact, “It’s not large amounts that are needed, so it’s a small diet


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