Can Bright Light Make You Sneeze?

By Dr. Mercola Pepper can make you sneeze. So can a cold, cat dander and dust. But bright light from the sun, a flash photo or a flashlight beamed in your eyes? That might be a new one, to some, but not to 18 to 35 percent of the population. I happen to be one of them, although mostly when I was young. Nearly every time I would go outside I would sneeze once. It hasn’t happened for quite some time since I radically improved my diet and health but I always wondered why it happened. This anomaly hasn’t been researched much, and it’s not really a big deal as syndromes go, but it is a syndrome, known as photic sneezing. It’s a genetic malady1 and can’t really be put in the same category with painful, uncomfortable or debilitating problems, because it’s none of the above. Recently, a study on this odd phenomenon was published in the Archives of the Spanish Society of Ophthalmology.2 However, only 12 people were involved, and all of them were members of the same family, so scienti


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