Omega-3s Have 230 Percent Return on Investment

By Dr. Mercola A recent European study revealed that young people have an inexpensive and rather silver-bullet shot at preventing the development of high blood pressure by stepping up their intake of one high-octane nutrient: omega-3 fatty acids. The study,1 presented at the American Heart Association’s 2016 Scientific Sessions, involved measuring the amount of omega-3 fatty acids in the blood of 2,036 young, healthy adults. When each subject’s blood pressure was assessed, scientists found that those with the most omega-3s in their blood had the lowest systolic blood pressure (the top blood pressure reading). Conversely, those with the lowest amount of omega-3s in their blood had the highest diastolic blood pressure (the bottom number). Dr. Mark Filipovic, a researcher at the University of Zurich and Cantonal Hospital of Baden in Switzerland, said even a reduction in blood pressure as little as 5 mm Hg could prevent the number of strokes and heart-related events people experience. Fur


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