Warning: Your Child’s Car Seat May Be Loaded With Toxic Chemicals

By Dr. Mercola Buying a car seat for your child should not have to involve worrying about toxic chemicals. It is ironic that the seat you depend upon to protect your child in case of a car accident may expose your child to toxic chemicals known to trigger serious health damage, particularly to young children. The products you depend on may be loaded with phthalates, flame retardants and bisphenol A (BPA). Instead of being held accountable for toxic exposures, these companies are given the green light for production and distribution to an unsuspecting public. Following a study in 2011 in which researchers discovered at least 60 percent of the more than 150 car seats tested contained at least one toxic chemical,1 car seat manufacturers began reducing the most toxic of these.2 It is important that you continue to use a car seat to transport your children as this is the safest way to protect your child in case of a car accident. However, there are several ways to help reduce your child’s


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