Ben & Jerry’s Pretends to Protect Environment While Destroying It

By Dr. Mercola Vermont dairy is synonymous with two things: cows grazing on green pastures and Ben & Jerry’s. The iconic ice cream brand was started in Burlington, Vermont, in 1978 and to this day claims to be as devoted to stewardship to the environment as it is to creating new ice cream flavors. Their environmentally friendly image has helped propel the brand into one of Unilever’s, their corporate owner, rising stars. With revenues close to $600 million a year and growing,1 they’re perfectly poised to become a champion to the environment, and easily hold enough weight to prompt real change with the “value-led decisions” they say drive their business. Unfortunately, like so many other corporate giants, Ben & Jerry’s is actively supporting industrial dairy, an industry so damaging to the environment, the cows and the farmers that the system is destined to collapse, sooner or later. What’s unknown is how much suffering and environmental destruction will occur before that


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