Koji — the Biggest Food Trend of 2017?

By Dr. Mercola Slowly but surely, consumer behavior is changing in regard to food. Many have started embracing more traditional foods and are relearning ancient culinary methods such as fermenting.1 This may be one of the most positive food trends we’ve seen in many decades, as fermented foods are really important for optimal gut health. In more recent years, scientists have discovered just how crucial a role your microbiome plays in your overall health and mental wellbeing. Indeed, some have suggested your body can best be viewed as a “super organism” composed of a diverse array of symbiotic microorganisms that need to be kept in proper balance for optimal physical and psychological functioning. They’ve even realized your microbiome is one of the environmental factors that drives genetic expression, turning genes on and off depending on which microbes are present. Research suggests many are deficient in beneficial gut bacteria, making it a really important consideration if you’re not


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