Are You Addicted to Your Smartphone?

By Dr. Mercola You’ve seen it many times: A family taking their seats in a restaurant, then one by one pulling out their individual cellphones to examine until the food comes, after which they check their phones repeatedly as they’re eating. Perhaps you’ve noticed people walking on busy streets, riding bicycles, driving cars or standing on a commuter train, scrolling their phones, paying little attention to their surroundings. Toddlers, too, are given their own little digital devices, to which their eyes remain glued as if they’re mesmerized instead of taking in the world around them and engaging with real people and real situations that help them grow socially and emotionally. Most people in the real world have connected to technology, only vaguely aware that in the process there’s the danger that unless they remain diligent, they’ll disconnect to some degree from what’s real and really important. According to Nancy Colier, author of “The Power of Off,” in The New Y


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