What’s so Great About Ghee?

By Dr. Mercola People in the heartland are both fond of and proud of their down-home cooking, from traditional recipes used for generations, to ingredients from their own gardens and pastures. So, the suggestion to try something called ghee, especially when so many are used to keeping butter in the larder, may sound not just foreign, but unnecessary. To those individuals, hear me out. Ghee is clarified butter that’s been cooked slowly until the liquids have dissipated, and the milk solids (which are what make butter burn) have settled in the bottom of the pan. When these are removed, it constitutes the basic difference between ghee and butter — the preparation process for superior purity. Time explains: “Clarified butter is unsalted butter that is heated gently, causing the milk solids to separate from the golden liquid and drift to the bottom of the pan after the butter has melted. Any foam that is present is skimmed off of the surface, leaving just the liquid.”1 Ghee, originally u


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