Gout: Why You Need to Be Careful of Conventional Medical Advice

By Dr. Mercola Gout is a type of inflammatory arthritis, more commonly diagnosed among men. The prevalence of the condition is growing in the U.S. today. What used to be found almost exclusively in men over 40 now affects both young and old, men and women, thin and overweight people. The nickname, “disease of kings” was given to the condition as it usually affected men who overindulged in rich foods and alcohol. King Henry VIII of England, Alexander the Great, Michelangelo, Christopher Columbus and Benjamin Franklin are just some of the historical figures who suffered from gout. The prevalence of the condition has risen over the past two decades, now affecting 4 percent of Americans or 8.3 million people.1 Researchers associate rising prevalence to the increasing number of people who are overweight and hypertensive. However, while it is a common condition, doctors and researchers have not come to a consensus about treatment. Confounding the issue is the relationship between doctor


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