Cold Soup Can Enhance Your Health

By Dr. Mercola If you live in much of the U.S., a warm bowl of soup is wonderfully warming and heartening in the chilly months of fall and winter, but when spring and summer arrive, something lighter and cooler seems much more appealing. Soups contain numerous vitamins, minerals and valuable micronutrients contained in the veggies, fruits, nuts, herbs and spices that nourish your body. The perfect way to resolve the lack-of-soup dilemma is easy: cold soup. Fresh ingredient blends can liven up traditional gazpachos and ho-hum vichyssoises to pique your imagination. Cold soups (usually) incorporate raw vegetables that can be diced or otherwise put together using a blender or food processor without heating your stovetop, oven or kitchen. It’s one of the most nutritious and convenient aspects of cold soup; these modern contraptions render produce the ultimate “fast food.” Soups of any temperature are a nutritious way of preparing vegetables because the entire essence is consumed rather th


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