Do You Know How to Make Bone Broth and Why You Should?

By Dr. Mercola If you’ve been conditioned from childhood to eat “chicken soup” to tame a cold or soothe a sore throat, you may be surprised to learn that the broth rivals the chicken and the vegetables in providing the nutrients your body needs to fight infection. Due to its medicinal properties, bone broth is one of the foods I highly recommend, and personally use, to maintain a healthy lifestyle. While restaurants and store fronts dedicated to serving broth have popped up in cities such as New York1,2 and Los Angeles3 in recent years, the influence of bone broth on health and disease is nothing new. Well before it was elevated to a trendy health drink by elite professional athletes, such as NBA star LeBron James and retired NBA icon Kobe Bryant,4 bone broth has been recognized, across cultures and for millennia, for its curative properties. In earlier generations, when it was unthinkable to waste any part of an animal carcass, resourceful hunters and cooks mastered the art of simmer


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