Veggies Work Better Than Drugs for Kidneys

By Dr. Mercola Say you’re told you have kidney disease. Knowing these vital organs remove waste and toxins from your system, stimulate the production of red blood cells and regulate your blood pressure, you know you need to do something fast. It’s very likely that one of the first things your doctor will do is put you on a regimen of medications. But a new, five-year study just emerged revealing that one of the best things you can do for your kidneys is to eat three or four servings of vegetables and fruits daily. Not only can they help you regain your health but also may help save you money on medical costs, including medication. In fact, eating healthy fruits and vegetables could help cut your drug costs by as much as 50 percent.Eating the Right Foods Improves Your Kidney Function You might be wondering how that works. According to the study at the University of Texas, it starts with a shift in nutrition. Certain foods help you manage your blood pressure better than others and, at t


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