Avoid Food and Supplements With This Common Filler

By Dr. Mercola Nothing more than a filler, without nutrient value or necessity in your products, titanium dioxide is used simply to whiten products from paint to sunscreen and food products. When used in food products it is known as E171; when in other products as PW6 or CI 7781.1 Although it is an inorganic compound, titanium dioxide carries significant risk when inhaled, ingested or absorbed.2 Millions of tons of titanium dioxide are produced each year. The compound naturally reflects ultraviolet (UV) light, which is why it is often added to sunscreen. While most of the product is used to pigment paint, it is also added to pharmaceutical drugs, toothpaste, paper and foods. The full extent of the compound’s impact on health is still under investigation, even though you can find it in many of the products you may use each day. Topical use has resulted in allergic reactions, some of which may be serious.3 However, while some reactions are still under investigation, recent research has


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