Can You Make Time Pass More Quickly?

By Dr. Mercola People tend to think of time as moving along a fixed linear pathway, but in reality time, including how fast or slow it moves, is all a matter of perception. This is why watching a movie you love may feel like it flies by, while to another person who finds the movie boring, it moves tediously slow. Other peculiarities have also been observed, such as how time seems to move faster as you get older and it’s possible to lose track of time entirely if you’re engrossed in a task. Likewise, when French geologist Michele Siffre conducted an isolation experiment in the 1960s, it showed that our perception of time can change depending on our circumstances. He lived in a dark cave, alone, for two months, but when his team came to get him he thought he’d only stayed for 35 days.1 Further, when he counted off an estimation of 120 seconds while living in the cave (via a phone that only worked one way), he counted for a full five minutes.2 In an interview with Cabinet magazine,


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