How to Use Catnip Oil for a Healthier You

Catnip is popular because of its effect on cats’ behavior, whether it’s a domesticated feline or a ferocious tiger.1 But, did you know that humans can also use catnip to their advantage? What Is Catnip Oil? Catnip oil is made from the catnip plant (Nepeta cataria), which also goes by the name cat mint.2 This member of the mint family grows wild as a weed, but may be found in herb gardens as well.3 Once extracted, the essential oil has a pale yellow or orange color with a slight minty aroma.4 Uses of Catnip Oil There aren’t a lot of records indicating when and where catnip oil’s use began, but the widespread use of the catnip plant itself might have played a part in its rise in popularity. Catnip originated in Asia, Africa and Europe, where it attracted attention from Roman cooks and doctors who used the herb, and where catnip-infused tea became popular. Eventually, it was brought by settlers to North America and introduced to Native American tribes, who then used the herb for medicina


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