The Story of Rachel Carson: How One Woman’s Love for Nature Changed the Way Humans View the Environment

By Dr. Mercola One of the most celebrated American writers of her time, Rachel Carson, achieved the impossible: convincing a society intent on mastering and controlling nature that we, as humans, must view ourselves as being part of nature rather than separate from it. An impassioned writer turned biologist turned environmental activist, Carson understood from a young age her place in nature. Her mother, Marie Carson, was a former schoolteacher, who like many women during the early 1900s gave up her career for marriage and motherhood. Her husband Robert, Rachel’s father, brought little money into the household, never providing more than a meager existence for the Carson family, who for decades lived without central heat or running water, according to the featured PBS documentary “American Experience — Rachel Carson.” Though a poverty-stricken housewife, Marie was an educated woman who enjoyed reading and music and possessed an insatiable love for nature. Fortunately for mankin


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