What Happens When You Eat Apple Seeds?

By Dr. Mercola Many a grandmother has warned her grandkids against eating “poisonous” apple seeds. Perhaps you’ve had the experience of accidentally swallowing a few and wondering if you’d soon fall to the floor, gasping for breath. Then there are those individuals who’ve been eating apples whole — seeds and all — for decades with no ill effects. Many did not even know there were supposed “ill effects” to speak of. Are there? This is the question of the day, and, to answer it in a nutshell, or shall I say in an apple core, there’s little to be afraid of.Apple Seeds Release Cyanide When Crushed Apple seeds contain amygdalin, a plant compound known as a cyanogenic glycoside. It’s part of the seeds’ chemical defenses, but when apple seeds are chewed or crushed and metabolized, the amygdalin turns into hydrogen cyanide. Hydrogen cyanide, in turn, is a poisonous substance that prevents your cells from using oxygen properly, leading to death within minutes at high-enough exposure levels


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