USA Today Ridiculed for Column by Industry Front Group

By Dr. Mercola The American Council on Science and Health (ACSH) is a non-profit organization with the motto “Science. Not Hype.” It claims to be an independent research and advocacy organization consisting of concerned scientists who are devoted to debunking junk science, with a mission to “publically support evidence-based science and medicine.”1 So, to hear that ACSH members have authored science columns published by USA Today may not immediately seem concerning, nor newsworthy, but if you dig even slightly beneath the surface it becomes clear that ACSH is not an organization to be trusted and viewed as an independent source on science. In a letter to the editors of USA Today, more than two dozen doctors and health, environmental, labor and public-interest groups called on the news outlet to stop publishing ACSH content or at least require that it be identified for what it truly is: a corporate front group. The letter begins:2 “We are writing to express our concern that U


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