Nutella Unmasked

By Dr. Mercola If you haven’t experienced a slice of toast with Nutella, you may not be missing as much as advertisers would like you to believe. Nutella, advertised as a pseudo-healthy sweet, is a chocolate spread used on pancakes, toast and fried in wontons. In fact, the product has a large group of enthusiasts both in Europe and the U.S. Unfortunately, while advertised as a healthy addition to your morning breakfast routine, Nutella doesn’t live up to the hype. The simple ingredient list contains just five items, the greatest of which is sugar. Nutella has celebrated its 50th year anniversary and appears to be well established in their niche market of spreadable chocolate. Interestingly, crimes related to the product have also made the news. In 2013, thieves in Germany snatched a little over $20,000 of the jars from a delivery truck.1 In that same year, Columbia University discovered students were taking jars of Nutella from the dining facility, costing the school nearly $6,000 a w


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