Is Modern Life Killing Your Sense of Smell?

By Dr. Mercola Olfactory evolution — there’s a term you’re not likely familiar with, but it’s the line of expertise one doctor has pursued to sniff out the reasons why some peoples’ sense of smell has diminished, overall, in the last few decades or so. Kara Hoover, Ph.D., a specialist in this field, says pollution and other environmental factors of this modern age are ruining mankind’s ability to smell. It’s worse for some, depending on where they live.1 One of the things this has led to, Hoover says, is that people with weak olfactory abilities can no longer detect the more subtle nuances of food fragrances. For them, flavors are less distinct, which makes them crave foods with stronger, more pronounced flavors, such as salty and sweet tastes. “Taste is three-fourths smell,” some used to say. Hoover’s hypothesis, which she presented in Boston at a meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), suggests that people with a reduced sense of smell are more l


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