How to Grow and Enjoy Swiss Chard

By Dr. Mercola There is little doubt that minimally processed vegetables are one of the best ways to improve your health. Ideally, they should be locally grown to ensure freshness, and organic to avoid pesticides, with a majority consumed raw. A simple way of boosting your vegetable intake is to juice your veggies, and tender, young Swiss chard makes a tasty addition to your juice that boosts your vitamin intake. Many equate vegetables with a few different leaves of lettuce or some tomatoes. However, there is a wide variety of vegetables available in different colors, tastes and textures that may help meet your nutrient requirements and satisfy your taste. Swiss chard is one such vegetable that may not be as popular as tomatoes and peppers, but packs a punch of phytonutrients and a subtle nutty flavor. Most vegetables are not calorie-dense, including the Swiss chard. Depending upon the age of the plant, it may be a tasty addition to your salad, can be cooked or added to your morning j


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