Why Opting for Organic Cotton Matters

By Dr. Mercola Cotton clothing has a longstanding history of being all-natural and wholesome. Unfortunately, times have changed, and once you delve behind-the-scenes of the cotton industry, its wholesome image quickly frays around the edges. Most people forget that a vast majority — about 90 to 95 percent1 — of non-organic cotton clothing is made from Monsanto’s genetically engineered (GE) cotton. Organic cotton, grown in a sustainable, non-toxic manner, accounts for a mere 1 percent of the global cotton production. You may be boycotting genetically modified organisms (GMOs), but if you’re still buying non-organic cotton clothes and other items made from cotton, be it towels, drapes or tampons, you’re still feeding the beast. You’re also exposing yourself to potentially heavy doses of toxins, contributing to ever-worsening environmental destruction, and enabling human rights violations.2 Cotton — One of the Most Toxic Crops on the Planet Its toxicity is perhaps one of the most s


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