Do You Know How to Store Potatoes?

By Dr. Mercola To most, it would seem as if storing certain veggies in a cool place, such as the garage, back porch or even the refrigerator, would be a good idea. It might keep them cooler and help them last longer, right? Turns out that’s not how it works with potatoes. When potatoes get chilled, the starch in them turns to sugar and they become tough. They might look OK, but when they’re cooked, they may emit harmful properties that they wouldn’t have, otherwise. They can become not just slightly shrunken and wrinkly, but potentially toxic. Here’s what happens: When potatoes are chilled, an enzyme known as invertase breaks down the sucrose (aka sugar) they contain and turns it into fructose and glucose, also called dextrose, the main sugar manufactured by your body and your chief source of energy.1 These two sugars, fructose and glucose, combine with the amino acid asparagine in potatoes and form acrylamide when they’re baked, fried or otherwise heated, according to the Food Standa


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