Does This Herb Help in the Bedroom?

By Dr. Mercola Of all the questions you’ve been asked today, the title isn’t likely one you anticipated. But it’s an intriguing concept, isn’t it? One reason is because of the instant connotation it puts out there, and another is because it’s a matter of interest as well as concern for a fair number of people. Because there’s fascinating science behind it and not just a titillating concept, we’ll get straight to it. You may never have heard of horny goat weed, but the heart-shaped herb is found in the wild in China, as well as Asia and Europe. First mentioned in traditional Chinese medicine texts at least 2,000 years ago, horny goat weed was given the botanical moniker Epimedium and the ancient Chinese name of yin yang huo after a (very) sexually active mythical creature. But there are other uses, including for nerve pain, fatigue, osteoporosis, atherosclerosis, hay fever, premenstrual symptoms and the traditional distinction of increasing libido in both men and women and solving erec


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