All About Growing Celery

By Dr. Mercola When you think about it, celery is a rather odd vegetable, quite different from others. At first bite, while it does deliver an amazing crunch, it doesn’t seem to have all that much flavor. Slice it up for a garden salad, however, and you’ll notice how fresh and “foody” it tastes, adding unmistakable flavor to a variety of dishes, from lentil soup to stir-fries. It can be enjoyed as a delicious snack with nut butter, and it’s a perfect “finger” food to place on a healthy snack tray with raw grass fed cheese, pickles and other crunchy raw veggies. Celery is a descendant of wild celery, related to parsnips, parsley and fennel of the Apiaceae plant family. A billion pounds are produced in the U.S. annually, 80 percent of it from California, Michigan and Florida, but it has a history in a surprising number of regions of the world, including Sweden, Asia, Egypt and mountainous areas of India. In Europe, celery is blanched or deprived of light as it’s growing to give the stal


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