Vancouver Residents Overcome Chronic Back Pain without Drugs or Surgery

Welcome to the blog of Dr. Peter Ting, Clinic Director of Vancouver Spine & Disc Centre. I enjoy helping others get out of pain and lead healthy lives.

For my first blog entry, I would like to share some patient testimonials of successful treatments with you. These patients were suffering from back pain from bulging or herniated discs, sciatica and spinal stenosis. Once they came to see me at the Vancouver Spine & Disc Centre, they had taken the first step in their journey towards a pain-free life.

J. Christensen of Pitt Meadows was in “unbearable pain,” but saw “major improvements in all areas” after just four treatments. Although it is crucial to complete the entire course of treatment, many patients are grateful to find themselves already feeling better early on.

In many cases, the results are dramatic and give the patient new levels of vitality. Before visiting us, Del Faulkner of Surrey said he “could not walk up and down stairs.” Upon completion of our treatment program, he is happy to report that he can “run up and down stairs!”

Delta’s Ruth Schmedding was given a poor outlook on her future pain management: “Before coming in, my pain was unbearable and there was nothing anybody else could do. I had surgery over three years ago and the pain subsided, but then worsened. All that was suggested was medication for pain control.” Computerized Disc Rehydration in my clinic left her relieved and happy: “Thanks. My pain has decreased significantly and I am able to live more.”

Beverley Gracie.

Thanks to Dr. Peter Ting and his staff [for] giving me back the ability to function better at work and home,” says Beverley Gracie of Port Moody, who came to see me after she was “experiencing excruciating pain in my head, neck and shoulders.” Often, underlying back problems cause pain in other areas of the body. If so, physio therapy, massage therapy, injections and exercise may not be enough to treat the issue. Computerized Disc Rehydration, in combination with our High Dose laser, targets the problem at its source.

I’m proud to say that those are just a few snippets of extensive positive testimonials from people I’ve been able to help over the years. Click here to view their full testimonials, plus many more:

If you have spinal disc pain yourself, and you’d like to get back to enjoying a pain-free life, call us today for your consultation.


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